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In this allegoric series, image maker Diogo Duarte creates scenes of a park, full of people oblivious to what’s unfolding around them. A woman soaks in the sun, an overdressed and arguably suspicious man goes about his business, a black dog runs in the distance. And there’s a woman who seems to hunch over a mobile phone every now and then. 


What is it that makes everyone so indifferent to the chaos amongst the pastels? 


The burning house evokes the sense of a prologued scream and burns with increasing intensity in its desire to be heard and noticed, before giving up completely and petering out in the face of utter indifference. As the house crumbles, a woman on the pathway selfishly takes a prologued and refreshing drink, thus seeming to reinforce the idea that absolutely no one in this park will give succour to the screamer.

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