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Musée Magazine  | June 

Travesties?! A Queer Journal of Uncanny Arts | May 

Round Lemon (book review by Carmela Vienna) | 'Sour-Puss: The Opera - Shame, Queer Play and Melancholia' | May 


Round Lemon (interview by Mark Burrow) | 'Evading Sterotypes with Fine Art Image Maker Diogo Duarte' | February 

Aesthetica Magazine (book review) 'Journeys to Acceptance' | January 


Trebuchet Magazine (book review) | 'Sour-Puss and their Strange Journey' | December 


The April MASS: MYTHOS | April



Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Issue 27 | August

'In Conversation with Jessica Mitchell' (video interview) for Fine Art Lecture Series by Samuel Zealey and Susie Olczak | May

The FLUX Review magazine Issue 1 (interview) | 'The Story of Sour-Puss: The Opera' | January 


'Karen Sherwood in Conversation with Diogo Duarte and Jessica Mitchell' (video interview) for Cupola Gallery | October 

Tartarus Magazine Volume 17 (interview) ; click here for interview only | June 

Life Framer URBAN STORIES | May 

Hashtag Art Mag | March 

Gerador | '6 Faces da Mesma Moeda com Diogo Duarte' March 

Warwick Globalist | March 

Elephant Magazine Issue 38 (work review); click here for full article | 'Woman with a Black Dress' | March

RTP Notícias | January


Público P3 (interview in Portuguese; click here for Eng translation) | 'O Corpo de uma Mulher Madura Também Mereçe ser Amado | January


Associação Portuguesa de Arte Fotográfica | July

Life Framer IV Edition OPEN CALL | July

Bad Behaviour (interview) | March

Zealous (interview) | 'Meet Diogo Duarte' | January

The Advocate | January




The Sic. Review | November

The Palette Pages | 'Diogo Duarte's Pyschological Portraits' | October


Photo Vogue Italy | October

Bad Pony Magazine's homepage | September


Sarah Graham Blog | 'And Still I Rise: A Psychological Portrait by Diogo Duarte' | September

Evening Standard | May


London School of Photography Blog (interview) | March


Broadly VICE Magazine (interview) | 'A Celebration of Self: Capturing the Inner Lives of Women and Gendefluid People' | March


of the land & us (interview) | March


Slippery Edge | February



Edge of Humanity Magazine | October

Zealous | September


The Photophore | September

The Lucky Jotter | September

Artists Inspire Artists | July

I LOBO YOU (interview) | 'Exclusive Interview with Diogo Duarte' | February


#Photography Magazine's Blog | January



#Photography Magazine 'The Unreal issue' | December


BLUR Magazine Issue 45 | October


London Live News | June


BLUR Magazine Issue 43 | June


West London Studio (interview) | March



Seams (video interview) | September


Saatchi Art 'Hot Shot New Photography'  | January



Photo Vogue Italy | August


Benjamin Kanarek Online | August


Tarja Act I DVD (featured inside) | August


Metro Newspaper (ipad edition) | February

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