Whilst in no way attempting a survey, 'Shake The Bottle: Contemporary Photography and Sexual Identity', seeks to capture what is particular in contemporary LGBT culture, representation and concerns, as seen through mainly young and less shown contemporary artists, using photography.


The show and the Special Event brings together seven artists who have responded to a 'call for works'. The catalyst of this event is the UCA archive of Tessa Boffin, an LGBT photographer in the 1980s/90s, who undertook work around AIDS and exploration of the tensions between contemporary media representation and ways in which performance and stereotype could be exploited through tableau, drawing on historical and mythical figures.


The work of Tessa Boffin, as a photographer, an academic and an activist form something of a snap-shot of an iconic period, recognizable as politically oppositional and issues orientated. Whilst tremendous political, cultural and legal change has occurred in the intervening period, this show and discussion seek to examine what are key issues and concerns for artists making work around sexual identity and whether any special space of representation remains relevant.


Curated by Adrian Lovis and Rebekah Taylor.

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