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'SOUR' is an artistic dyad consisting of Diogo Duarte and Jessica Mitchell. One a psychotherapist, the other a mental health worker but both artists, together they create mixed media work that is concerned with issues of connectedness and othered identities.


SOUR's latest work entitled 'Origin', of which the 'Birth' zine, 'The Unfettered Bound By Gluttony' and 'Kaimana Needs no one for Birthing Creation' are part, concerns itself with the genesis of their collaboration (Sour-Puss: The Opera)  just as much as it does with its complex nature and their art making process. 

Their collaboration also led to the creation of 'SOUR PRESS', a free thinking publishing house through which they publish their own zines ('Birth', 2020, 'The Anxiety Trilogy', volume 1 'Hair', 2021).

'Sour-Puss: The Opera' will be published by GOST Books in December 2021. You can buy a copy of the art book here.

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